Security Essentials Goes “Enterprise”

Well not quite, but, from  from October small businesses of up to 10 PC’s will be able to use Microsoft Security Essentials for FREE, and allow them to focus on their business, without forcing them to compromise on protection.

Microsoft Security Essentials provides free protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software to our individual customers using the same proven core Anti-Malware engine that our enterprise customers use. We recognise that small businesses face some tough challenges in the current economic climate, and yet they all want to protect their computers from unwanted software.

Of course individual consumers have been able to benefit from the use of Microsoft Security Essentials for some time and we have also made this freely available to OEM’s and System Builders to enable them to protect machines ‘right out of the factory’ through the Microsoft Security Essentials partner  program

What some of you may not of been aware of  is the ability for any company with a web “presence” and Academic intuitions to make Security Essentials freely available to their customers via the Security Essentials Link Logo Program, allowing these organisations to offer Free protection to their own customers.


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