Bluehat Prize

Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group today announced the “BlueHat Prize,” an incentive for researchers to develop original ideas to help protect customers, computers, and devices.
The top three winners in the BlueHat Prize competition will earn a total approximate retail value of over $250,000 in cash and prizes: $200,000 for the Grand Prize; $50,000 for Second-Place; and an MSDN Universal subscription valued at $10,000 for Third-Place. Prizes will be awarded to contestants who design a novel way to prevent the use of memory safety vulnerabilities, a key area of focus for Microsoft. Examples of similar technologies include Data Execution Prevention (DEP), which helps prevent attacks that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in software.
The new twist on the incentive is designed to inspire researchers to engage in ground-breaking research, unlike other companies that pay per-vulnerability.
Beginning today, the official rules and guidelines for the competition are available at and contest submissions will be accepted from Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2011 until Sunday, April 1, 2012. A panel of Microsoft security engineers will judge submissions based on the following criteria: Practicality and Functionality (30 percent); Robustness—how easy it would be to bypass the proposed solution (30 percent); and Impact (40 percent). The winners will be announced at Black Hat USA 2012.
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