Cookie Re-spawning Neutered

This article was drawn to my attention recently: Man reveals secret recipe behind undeletable cookies, which seemed to be troubling for a lot of people. I spoke to a couple of friends and colleagues about this, and I thought I would see if I could use Tracking Protection Lists in IE9 to neuter them.

It turns out that it was easy to write the tracking protection list; it took me a few minutes to write the list, this included reading the spec, and working out how to host it:

# Above is a version header. 
# “Expires” sets the number of days when to check the server for an update
: Expires=3
# block the kissmetrics domain 
-d kissmetrics

it’s not particularly hard, the above example blocks kissmetics site, completely I can still browse their site, but, iwont be getting any downloads from them.

And I have hosted it here just click on the “install list” button to install this Tracking Protection List to IE9.

So that was simple … much easier than i thought in fact, Tracking Protection Lists, write one today!


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