There be dragons here…

Blue Dragon Boxshot FrontSo… I’m a security guy, and I tend to think of privacy as a good outcome that comes from good security with supporting policy, I’m not a “privacy” guy.

But the bit of work I did on TPL’s did kick off a small brainstorm in my head, about how much of this stuff is out there?

So I went to my favourite news site and went to there privacy page; they were very good and clearly displayed the kinds of cookies and who they were going to and for what purpose.  I was kind of stunned at how many of them their were , go on have a guess …


…on one site; that did have a really good and clear way of telling me about them, security aside, there must be “a” performance impact…  I have amended my tracking protection list accordingly:

# Above is a version header.
# “Expires” sets the number of days when to check the server for an update
: Expires=3
# block the following domains
-d kissmetrics
-d nielsen-online
-d quantcast
-d netratings
-d sagemetrics
-d ominiture
-d scorecardresearch
-d doubleclick
-d google
-d specificmedia
-d 247realmedia
-d mediamind
-d atlassolutions
-d mediaplex
-d audiencescience

now I know people out there will be thinking … it can’t be that bad surely.

So a challenge to you go and find a site that you use regularly see if Error wrong badyou can find its privacy page, if you can see if you can find the tracking cookies it gives you… At least one site I went to claimed to have a privacy page, but, it must have been in the filing cabinet,  in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying beware of the leopard … because I couldn’t find it , and another had a privacy page that essentially said nada.  So how bad could it be…

I genuinely don’t know, but, I’m slowly looking at each site I’m going to and finding its privacy page, if it has one and seeing what’s there…


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