PassW*rd N0t Al!0wed

unlock lock securityI came across this article the other day, Nick Helm’s password joke is Edinburgh Fringe funniest and I said to some friends actually that’s not a bad password strategy add some complexity and some diversity for each site you go to and its pretty good (trust a security geek to take the fun out of it). One of my friends said “Sadly – at least in my experience – 99% of sites (and therefore developers?) still do not allow special characters and/or phrase long passwords”.

Hang on – What! Why on earth not? Back in the dim and distant past like the 1990’s that might have been acceptable, but, not today!

So I’m not much of one for “a call to action”, but, being secure with a password is hard enough without some developer denying me the complexity we need to make it “safe”…

So I would ask you when you next change your password on a site and it says something like “we don’t allow spaces or special characters” ask yourself what is it protecting and then complain to the site owner; get them to change it, after all it’s only protecting your data…


2 Responses to “PassW*rd N0t Al!0wed”

  1. By the way I have just sent my first snot-a-gram to a financial institution…

  2. Ton van G. Says:

    I like your approach to password policy a lot 😉
    I’ll support your opinion too… next thing is how-to-educate our sysadmins and vendors to act…

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