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Tell a friend…

Posted in Cyber Security, Fraud, Security, SIR, UK on 4 Nov 2011 by Stuart Aston

GSO FriendSo, in our latest SIR report we note that about 50% of attacks we see require some form of user interaction, more and more criminals are using confidence tricks either online or the telephone to target “us” and get our money.  

The reality is that the best defence to these type of attacks is personal awareness that the problem exists; sure IE9 and other modern browser can help protect you as can AV, having a strong password and staying current on all your software and keeping them updated all help, but, all those defences are not present when a criminal phones you up claiming to be from reputable company offering you support, just to be clear we will not phone you and nor will any of our partners offering support for a fee.

If you are a consumer and you think you have a security problem use this link:

or to contact us more generally look here:

cut and paste them into your browser. 

Next week is Get Safe Online week, it’s about promoting awareness of these issues, helping people, and business be “safer online”. Be aware, tell a friend and get them to go and read , who knows if we can get our friends to be safe online maybe we can get our businesses to be safe as well…


– Police issue warning over ‘Microsoft’ telephone scam

Posted in Fraud, Security, Social Engineering on 12 May 2011 by Stuart Aston

Whilst this particular article is not recent it does seem that this type of activity is still going on, alas these scams are not new, and like most “types” of crimes they don’t seem to go away. I have been asked for advice by a number of colleagues on recent activity.


First off I would like to remind readers that Microsoft does not keep track of consumers that purchase our software and we do not directly contact consumers for any reason whatsoever. Do not to trust anyone who has called you claiming to be from Microsoft and needing access to your home PC.

In some ways this is “spam via a phone”; and unsolicited calls of this nature, no matter the “reason” should be treated the same way, don’t give your credit card details or personal information to people you don’t know; and don’t invite them “inside”.

I do encourage you to keep  safe when online and to always ensure the copy of Windows they are running is genuine and fully up to date. We encourage all PC users to visit

When using a PC that is connected to the internet we also encourage users to download and install legitimate software to guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Free products such as Microsoft Security Essentials and Internet Explorer will help protect users from online threats.   

– Police issue warning over ‘Microsoft’ telephone scam

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